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The ancient capital of Dhenkanal. Kualo is situated in the northern region of Dhenkanal Palace at a distance of 32 Km on the right side of river Brahmani. The kingdom was ruled by the Sulki kings who hold stamba epithets. They were the feudatories of the Bhaumakaras (9th-10th cent A.D) kings and their deity was Lord Shiva. Eight Shiva temples at Kualo known as Ashta Sambhu can be observed. These eight Shiva lingams are known as - Kanakeswar, Swapneswar, Aisneswar, Kapileswar, Baidyanatheswar, Baneswar and Lokanatheswar.


The Vishnu image, under the open sky, occupies an area measuring 15.4 metres (51 ft) in length and 7 metres (23 ft) in width with a thickness of 0.7 metres (2 ft 4 in). The image is of Vishnu in a reclining position (Anantashayana in Sanskrit, literally sleeping on the serpent Ananta). The image is carved out of natural rock of sandstone formation in the 9th century AD. He has four arms, holding a Chakra in the upper right hand, a Shankha in his upper left hand, a Gada and a symbolic lotus on its lower left hand. The hoods of the serpent Shesha (Ananta) covering the head of Vishnu. The Vishnu image has a sharp chin, distinctive nose and wears a crown on its head, called kiritamukuta (a tall conical crown, typically worn by Vishnu). A lotus design shown sprouting from his navel has the creator god Brahma, sitting in meditation.